What are Pink n Dink straws made out of?

Our straws are made off 100% stainless steel, FDA approved and BPA free.

How often should I clean my metal straw?

Metal straws should be cleaned whenever you seize fit, we would recommend daily and yes they can be cleaned by hand and are dishwasher safe.

 When often should I replace my straw?

Despite our straws being made our of stainless steel we do recommend you replace your straws every 6 months for hygiene purposes but that's just us being extra clean, they should last you a lifetime unless you lose it ;) 

I would like to order a few straws in bulk for an event, what can i do?

Please feel free to reach out to us via our contact us page. We will aim to get back to all enquiries within 1 - 3 working days,

Can i become a Pink N Dink Ambassador?

At the minute we are not taking on any ambassadors but this could change in the future but please keep your eyes peeled.

None of these answer what i'm after?

Please reach out to us on Instagram if you have any further questions :)