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Our Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It's that time of year again, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is upon us! We've created 5 do's we should all incorporate into our shopping over this weekend - Thank us later!!                                                                          


1) Shop from small businesses!

It's more important this year than ever, shop small and help put that little smile on a small business owner's little face. We do a happy dance every time an order comes through and know first hand the joy it brings. We would love for you to share the joy and keep small business owners smiling and dancing from now up until the lead up to Christmas and beyond. 

2) Shop sustainably where you can. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are days of excess, please think of the carbon footprint you're creating and the importance of what you're buying. Try to shop for sustainable products or at brands who are carbon neutral, use recyclable packaging, are environmentally conscious. 

3) Buy products and items that will last.

We're not saying don't purchase items you like, but purchase items that will last! There's nothing more sustainable than being able to wear the same t-shirt you bought 10 times over, so trade in your fast fashion garments and shop items that will give you days, weeks, months and years of wear.

4) Shop black-owned. 

Just because the black squares have disappeared from feeds it doesn't mean our support for black owned brands should disappear too. Please check out Blaqbase app, buy black global and black pound day (on instagram) for a list of black owned small businesses to shop from if you're short of finding black owned brands to support.

5) If your wardrobe is fine why add more?

Lastly try not to succumb to the pressures and the shiny discounts the Black Friday weekend offers, if you actually don't need or want anything. Easier said than done, but stay strong!


Good luck hunz - Team Pink n Dink xx





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